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About Moho solution

Your trusted partner in moving beyond mold

A company born out of necessity

The effects from mold and mycotoxins invaded our family and with no place to turn we became educated on the health impacts as well as the detection and removal of mold.  We soon learned that any exposure is unhealthy, even from one spore, especially when molds occur from water damages. While we learned that the medical and remediation  communities offered many differing opinions and treatments, the effects of the mold and mold allergens cause immediate and chronic effects

We know first hand the despair and loneliness that can come when ones family is attacked and there is no help. We built Moho Solution to be the help that we so desperately needed.

Common signs of mold toxicity in your life -

Our services

Our services are designed to be flexible and creative to allow each and every customer to achieve a healthy indoor environment as safely, quickly and efficiently as humanly possible.


Getting to the root of the problem and finding the mold.  Truly understanding the environmental characteristics of the space to build a plan to return to a healthy condition.  

We do not kill nor control mold, it has to be removed, plain and simple.  Extreme care must be taken to ensure further contamination does not take place

Planning to move?  Found a great place?  Let our experts assist in the process by assessing your new property for potential mold.

We are only a video call away.  Tap into the expertise of Moho Solution and allow us to help you with our online tools.

The Moho Solution Story

We moved to Panama City to enable us and our two children to become closer to Carlita’s cultural roots  Our first house was not only our home but home for mold.  The signs that something was wrong with our son became very obvious after we started to understand just what mold and mycotoxins are capable of doing to the body.  With the harsh realization that no competent companies existed in Panama we threw ourselves into learning all that we could from international industry experts to heal our bodies and home.

The reasons behind Moho Solution

Moho solution four pillars



We have been there, we understand how you are feeling and we are driven to treat you as a member of the family



No secrets, no magic and no silver bullets.  We take the time to understand and share with our clients the solution in detail, knowledge is power and develops confidence.


Solution Based

No two problems are alike and no two solutions are the same, we aim for complete understanding to enable custom solutions.



Mold is a toxigenic organic matter that needs to be treated as such, the safety of our team and the home we are solving is paramount.

Why choose moho solution?

Smart real world solutions

We strive for practical solutions to complete problems, we avoid the word "no".

Industry experts

From inspecting homes to high rises, to mold removal of a shower to a warehouse our industry experts have been there.

Tapestry of experience

Over a 100 years of business, indoor environment and mold experience.

We are here for you

There are no such things as stupid questions when it comes to our health. We strive for our clients to feel secure in the entire process.

Modern technology

The latest detection, sampling and remediation technology as well as training to keep our services at the cutting edge.


A price can not be placed on health however we are tasked with doing that every day and we approach this as if it was our home and our money.

Just as we learn to speak a language we need to learn to listen and understand what our body is telling us and one of the most important jobs as a parent is to be able to listen to the body of our child.


Co-founder, President

Working together for success

Carla Michelena-Castonguay

Co-founder, President

Faced with a medical crisis from mold Carlita threw herself into the defense of our son only to realize the impact was for the whole family.  A veteran entrepreneur having building several successful businesses throughout the world it was soon obvious that her next and most important venture was to be Moho Solution.

Fred Castonguay

Co-founder, Director Operations

After a 25 year career running businesses in the transportation sector a change was due and required to assist his families journey to well being.  With a strong process engineering background Fred is the front line inspector and remediation supervision.

Licensed Florida Mold Assessor MRSA4260 and Certified in Mold Inspection and Remediation by MICRO, the Mold Inspection Consulting and Remediation Organization, the industry’s leading provider of exceptional Mold Training.


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Truth about fogging

Just like you would not spray for bugs and leave them in your home, thinking that you can spray to “control mold” is terribly wrong.  



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